Longwood Plantation

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Longwood Plantation 

Longwood Plantation is a supplier of organically-based compost and soils for all gardening and turf management needs.


Click HERE to see our photo albums on Shutterfly of applications that have used Longwood CompostPlus, bedding mixes, potting mixes, top-dressing, Prime Peat, and organic fertilizers.

Our customer list includes organic growers, farm and gardening suppliers, golf courses, turf farms, government institutions, landscapers, nurseries, tree farms, sod installers, bio-filtration companies, and individuals.

We make two types of compost - conventional humified compost, and bio-dynamic compost.  We use the compost we make as base for other soil amendments that we make - such as the top dressing, bedding mix, and potting mix. We also do custom blends.

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