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We offer full service composting, custom blends and organic fertilizer.
Compost and Soil Amendments
Horticultural Growing Media

Longwood Plantation CompostPlus is a high grade humified bio-dynamic compost, used for incorporating into existing gardens or for top-dressing around trees and shrubs. It is made using a controlled microbial process, a balanced recipe, which produces a high value compost which is fully stabilized and improves soil fertility, buffers crops against adverse conditions, and reduces the need for weed and insect suppression. We focus on quality and consistency of the finished product and offer documentation to satisfy organic certifiers.  In addition to compost we also offer a top-dressing which is much the same formulation and quality.  It can be used in much the same manner as compost, but is screened finer, making also perfect for top-dressing lawns.

Longwood Plantation also offers an all organic Planting Mix, which is used for raised beds and container gardening.  It is comprised of 30-35% of the same fine Longwood Plantation CompostPlus and 55-60% composted bark fines, with some added minerals.  This formulation assures proper drainage for container planting.  Currently only available in bulk, it is ready for planting into. We can load trailers or pickups just call ahead for a loading schedule.


Sorry, Organic fertilizer is no longer available

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